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12 December 2050

Chaiyaphum, Thailand

If you are a true Buddhist, you will help your earth grow.

Our soil has always been loyal to us, there has never been a man who has nourished in it the right way and who did not live a great life. Yet, there have been a lot of men who have deviated from the rightful way and been devastated in return.

The rice that is grown in our soil is sold everywhere; to Vietnam, Myanmar, China, India. When I see all the farmers across Asia losing their crops because of the lack of ground water, I feel really sorry for them. Now they are dependent on us because we are the only ones who have ground water and fertile earth. Therefore, we can not let them down! We need to work hard and be inventive. We, the Thai people, have the best soil on the earth and we must make the most out of it. Do you understand what I’m saying? It has been loyal to us, so we have to be loyal to it.

Follow the Buddhist path, it will guide you, show you how to do that.

You need to have the right view of things. You need to listen to the earth, and the soil, and the crops. We are monitoring both from the satellite and from the sensors under the earth what is happening in every corner of our earth. Every little corner is under my watch, and I can see it, I know everything about it, I have the wisdom that I need to make the most out of it.  We have to touch reality deeply, otherwise you can be misguided by your perceptions. You must have right view, understand?

Mindfulness. That is very important for a Buddhist. You must do mindful farming. Everything should come from within. Take a crab, mix it with bad soil, this is your fertilizer! Everything happens on-site, with the sun light. Why did the Vietnamese, the Chinese, the Indian lose their water to do farming? Because they used chemicals, petroleum-based chemicals to fertilize their soil. Where does it come from? It comes from far-away lands, they buy it, they out-source it and now they don’t have anything anymore. Mindful farming cannot be dependent on outside, its merits are already there. You need to look for them and find them.

Diligence says Buddha! The right kind of effort. Of course we work hard but it is not enough. Don’t use all kinds of different crops; it is of no use if they are not the right type. You need to buy genetically modified crops, the most resilient and the most fertile so that you will get the most out of your efforts. They will not fail, they will not disappoint you, they will be the most nutritious. Invest your money in those crops and they will pay you back. If certain people don’t want your products because you use genetically superior crops, it is their problem, don’t doubt your product. You will always have others to sell to.

“Obtaining means losing” tells Buddha. Everything that you think belongs to you, can disappear in a matter of seconds. None of the land you see here, none of the products belong to me, as I am just a passerby in this world. When the great rice crisis hit in 2042, I saw what it means to go back to ground zero. All of my rice crops failed because of the global change in moisture levels. We have learned the hard way that the superior rice crops that we had were immune to everything except for that! Because the same genetically modified crops were being used all around the world, it provoked a global crisis! They sold the same crop to the tiniest corner in any place with some water, so it suddenly failed everywhere. What happened when we failed? Everybody suffered from the scarcity. This was how I became aware of my responsibility to others. When your crop fails, everybody fails.

These shall be your principles when you are farming. Buddha showed them to all of us thousands of years ago.

You must follow them and only them. If you deviate, everybody suffers. And if you don’t, I promise you, you will have a great life.

Kittinan Kumtan


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