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You can be a guest writer.
Letters from 2050 is a story of tomorrow. It can be a terrible story, it can also be a story of hope and beauty. Take part in it and shape it by writing a letter.

Letters of Letters from 2050 have a certain format. They all are based on a character and they are based on real trends or predictions about future. It is important to research and have these two elements in place before setting up to write a letter to start a conversation with us.

- Is there a character that you would like to write about? If not, we have a list of characters that people have submitted and you can make use of it. If yes, what details do we know about the character? (Age, nationality, occupation, where the character is living)

- Abduraman Alom’s letter (LINK) is based on a future with CO2 taxation as it is highly advocated tax by many environmentalists. Thein Than Myo’s letter (LINK) is about the end of some natural resource in Myanmar and what it means for the character.

Researching a certain trend or future prediction will make the letter more convincing and rich in imagined detail. Is there a certain future prediction or speculation that you would like to base your letter on?

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