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You can tell us from whom you want to read.

If you want to read a story from someone you know (or yourself) writen in 2050, tell use about the person.

Thein Than Myo’s letter (LINK) is about the end of Jade, a precious natural resource in Myanmar, which will happen in the next 20 years. Roos Van der Bie’s letter (LINK) takes place in a Europe that travels by train instead of planes. It is a future prediction that trains will replace planes because there is no way to fly without burning fossil fuels and it may just be much cheaper to use trains. Letters of Letters from 2050 are all based on a real trend or future predictions like these and you can share similar information with us to inspire a letter.

What is the future prediction or speculation that you know of and would like to read about in someone’s daily life in the future? We will write it and send it to you.

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